When The Power went out

Outside the storm had reached its breaking point.  People on this side of town have long been advised to leave their homes but the twenty-somethings that lived in this dilapidated seven bedroom house, surrounded by nature, decided that staying home would be in the best of their interest.  They figured the house had weathered many storms before they occupied it, therefore it should be able to weather this one.

The occupants consisted of four women and two men, fresh out of college and just beginning to get their feet wet on this journey called life after college.

Cassandra, the bookworm, always had her nose in some book and rarely socialized with her housemates.  She’s never bought a date home before, hell, as far as her housemates were concerned, she’s never even been on a date.  The only time she leaves the house is to go to work. Other than that, she stays in her room.  Her housemates joked that she dates the characters in her books.  But that was only part of the truth.

Sure, behind closed doors Cassie was doing some reading but she was also doing some other things that would come to her housemates as a shock.  She would dress up as characters from a book she was reading add a twist to it…then she’ll put on a show and upload it to some underground website for her 1.5 million-and-counting viewers to watch and please themselves from the comfort of their own homes.  Her screen name was Anonymous and she never showed her face.  Just her lips and down.  Her viewers went crazy for her tease videos.  She’d often ride a dildo, use a vibrator to make herself squirt, plunge her fingers in her wet dripping pussy then lick her juices off her fingers.

Her viewers especially liked when she would plug up her ass and twerk on a dildo she’d suction to the floor, ass all in the camera so her viewers could take pleasure in seeing every detail, every drop of cum, every ripple of her ass as she bounced up and down.

Much like she was doing right now.  She’d made it a ritual to release one new live video every Saturday at 10 pm.  Her housemates thought she made her money from working at the bank uptown.  That was only half true; her real money rolled in every Saturday when she would dress up and raise the heat for her viewers.

Cassie was a beautiful woman with a picture-perfect body, her soft facial features may cause many to assume she was an innocent young woman, but only she knew her true identity.  And she kept her identity hidden really well. She even had her housemates fooled.  One may wonder how she was able to conceal her identity with so many people living amongst her.  That was easy.  Her videos were all silent to mute out any telltale noise her housemates would make, and she installed thick carpeting in her room everywhere except that one spot in the center of the room that she used to suction her ten-inch chocolate dildo.  In the day time, that spot was easily covered with a small throw rug.  Though she didn’t think her housemates would snoop around her room when she wasn’t there, there was nothing wrong with playing it safe and changing her room from the sex dungeon it was every Saturday, to the typical untelling bedroom.

This week she’d read a book surrounding the life a famed basketball player so tonight she dressed in a skimpy jersey she’d redesigned herself.  The fabric was cut short into shreds just barely hanging below her breast and with pieces of the leftover fabric, she managed to make a g-string.  She’d oiled up her body and put on lip gloss to emphasize her full luscious lips.

With the thunder booming outside her window and the lightning flashing madly, her dimly lit room had this spooky feel to it.  But because her viewers wouldn’t hear the thunder, they’d just see the flashing and it went perfectly with the theme of tonight’s video.  The flashing could easily be taken for a prop used to make it look like she was surrounded by paparazzi. It was show time.

She opened her video with a close range of her playing with her pussy, g-string fabric pulled to the side, legs straight in the air, hips gyrating.  The number next to the eye on her live video climbed at an alarming rate and it turned her on to know she was being watched by hundreds of viewers, men, and women.

She used a plush basketball she’d bought earlier in the week to use a prop, to bite back her moans as she felt herself reaching her first high. She didn’t pay much mind to the comments that were flying up her videos but when she did glance at the screen she’d seen heart eyes and squirting emojis so she knew her viewers were enjoying her display of foreplay.  When she was satisfied with how wet she was, she removed her homemade g-string, covered the screen to conceal her identity as she got into her next position.

Next, she held her dildo off-screen facing the camera to give her viewers the first person effect.  She sucked and licked and salivated on the rubber dick.  She carried on like this for a few more minutes until she felt it was time for her famous twerk session.

She covered the screen again, suctioned the dildo to the spot in the center of her room, uncovered the screen and lowered herself in a split over the dildo until it completely filled her.  She bobbed up and down which caused her ass to jiggle.  Though her viewers couldn’t see them, her nipples were rock solid, she was so turned on.  She wished she could just yell out, but she’d rather be swallowed up by the ground before she’d ever reveal her secret to her housemates.  As far as she knew, they were fans of hers, unknowingly to them.  She’d overheard them talking about Anonymous and the things they’d do to her if they were alone with her in a room.  When they would talk about it over the breakfast table or while cooking dinner she had to fight the urge to blush at the fact that her beautiful housemates wanted to do such nasty things to her.

In the back of her mind, she toyed with the idea of letting the pussy out of the bag and letting them each have their way with her, but she decided against it. Having this secret made doing this work more exciting.

She positioned herself, ass up face down and did a little routine on the tip of the dildo before slamming down on it and bouncing on it as she twerked.  In the room, to her left, she heard a bed moving rhythmically against the wall.  She knew her housemates Lisa and Daryl were watching her video as they did religiously every week.  The two had recently started sleeping together and made no secret about it.  When they had sex, everyone knew it—even the animals outside.

Lisa moaned. Cassie got wetter.  Cassie stopped twerking for a moment and grabbed her ass with both hands and silently clapped her cheeks together.  She heard Daryl slap Lisa’s ass drawing another moan from Lisa, louder this time.

Was that a coincidence or were the new couple mimicking what they were seeing in the video?

Cassie pretended to smack her ass, grab then clap her cheeks together—of course to her viewers it looked like she really smacked her flesh but she knew better.  Seconds later she heard a second slap to flesh followed by another moan, the bed aggressively pushing against the wall and a long drawn out explicative.

Cassie pinched and grabbed her nipples as she continued to bob on the dildo until she creamed.  Turning to sitting position, she angled backward, but not too far back where her face would become visible, far enough though. She yanked the dildo off the floor and continued pounding the rubber deep into her pussy.  Her walls clenched around the rubber, then she let go and squirted.  She heard another long drawn out explicative but it wasn’t the same voice.  It sounded like Monica but she couldn’t be too sure.  All she knew for sure she was happy her housemates appreciated her art as much as they did.

She plunged and plunged until she a rip-tide rolled over her, she came violently, and her legs trembled, her muscles contracted.  She tried to grab for the plush basketball, but it had rolled away some point between the foreplay and twerk session.  She bit down on her lip to silence her urge to yell out.

She gasped for air, gave her pussy one last rub and played in her juices before cutting the video off.

Soon as she did, though, the light in her room shut off.

She’d heard a series of “what the fuck?” “Who did that?” and a lot of blame aimed towards Jason who was notorious for pulling pranks on the housemates.  He defended himself promising he had his dick in his hand and pulling a prank was the last thing on his mind.

It was completely dark in her room; the only light in her room came from her laptop and whenever the lightning would crack.  Cassie stood still for a few seconds then startled when a loud bang sounded at her door.

Shit, shit, shit.

She scrambled to her feet, closed her laptop, felt her way to her bed, placed her laptop on the bed then felt her way towards her door for her silk robe that was hanging.

“Just a minute, I can’t see anything, give me one second”

The doorknob rattled, but it was locked—of course.

“I said give me one minute!” she rolled her eyes, her heart was racing. Her mother had always told her that what’s done behind closed doors always came to light.  But this wasn’t something that she could live with if it came out. She had to think quickly.

Her costume felt bulky under the silk robe and from what she could feel, some of the shreds were sticking out.  She knew no one would be able to see her but in the off chance that the lights would magically come back on, she didn’t need her secret revealing itself.

Taking the robe off and placing it between her thighs, she quickly removed the top and stood naked frantically trying to figure out where to put the garment that was crumpled in her hand.  She couldn’t see shit!

With the robe in the other hand, she moved a few steps to her left and used her elbow to feel for the knob of her closet.

“Yo, whatchu doin’ in there?” That was Jason inquiring. The doorknob rattled again, “why is your door locked?”

“I pay to live here, too, ya’ know!  I deserve a little privacy, ya know!” Cassie replied, careful to keep the tremble out of her voice.  With the hand she held her robe in she yanked the closet open and threw the crumpled garment in there, closed the closet and felt around her robe to ensure she was putting it on the right way.  Once she tied it she felt her way back to her door.  Lightening clapped just as she pulled her door open.  For that split second, four eyes looked back at her.  Two belonged to Jason, the other two belonged to Ashlee.

“Geeze, so impatient,” Cassie said coolly.

Two hands reached out to her, one grabbed her boob and the other grabbed at her arm.  Cassie had no idea why that turned her on, this wasn’t the time to be turned on at all.  From the angles, she knew Jason was the one who touched her boob and suspected he did it on purpose somehow.  Either way, she didn’t care, she hoped he did it again, too.

“Come on,” whispered Ashlee, “The others are downstairs”

Cassie reached her hand out and accidentally touched the front of Jason’s basketball shorts.  He jerked backward but instinctively grabbed her hand.

“Oh, Sorry” she whispered to him.

“It’s cool, you were quick with the payback” she could hear the smile in his voice.

Cassie blushed and shook her head.  There was no point in trying to convince Jason that it really was an accident, he was going to believe what he wanted to believe.  “They felt nice by the way” he added.

Heat radiated from her center, her hardening nipples against the silk of her robe caused an arousal of stimulations.  The fact that she was holding hands with a man and a woman only turned her on even more.  She felt her palms getting sweaty.

“Does anybody have their phone?” Cassie asked, “I left mine in my bag and couldn’t find it thanks to you guys” she fibbed.  The truth was, it hadn’t even occurred to her to look for her phone since she was having a panic attack.

“Nah, my shit died while I was watching Anonymous” answered Jason, “At least I got my nut in”

Cassie was grateful the lights were off because she was blushing she hard right now.

“Damn, that bitch is bad” he added

Cassie’s walls clenched at being called a bitch.  She didn’t care how weird that was.

Ashlee stopped walking suddenly causing Cassie to bump into her and Jason to bump into Cassie. A Cassie sandwich.  An image of Cassie being bent over, Jason taking her from the back and Cassie eating Ashlee from the back flashed in her mind.  She licked her lips then quickly squashed the image. She swallowed.

“Why did you stop?” Cassie asked?

“I think we’re at the steps.  Unless you wanna take a tumble…I mean…”

“Okay, smart ass” Cassie smirked and sucked her teeth.

Thunder rocked the house and the three of them gasped and grabbed each other’s hands tighter.  They didn’t move a muscle for a beat as if they feared making a move would cause the house to collapse.

When they finally did move, Ashlee felt the wall for the railing and guided the other two down to the main floor.

“Where ya’ll at?” Ashlee asked the darkness.

“Living room…I think” Monica said

“Nobody has their phone on them?” Cassie asked

“I do” responded Daryl. “Why?”

The housemates collectively sucked their teeth and chided him for not using the flashlight on his phone.

“Oh, shit, my bad. I forgot about that. My bad ya’ll”

Everyone was able to see his face from the glow of his cell phone then suddenly a light shone from his phone.  He placed it on the coffee table in the center of the living room.  Ashlee, Jason, and Cassie walked a little easier towards the others.

The housemates took seats on the U-shaped couch they’d all chipped in for.

“What the fuck happened?” Lisa was asking.

“I mean they did say we were having a bad storm tonight.” Ashlee responded sarcastically, “While you were getting your cheeks clapped, I’m sure you heard the thunder clapping, too”

Everyone blushed, especially Lisa and Daryl.  Especially, Cassie.

“Okay, smart ass, I know that I’m just saying.  It was wild.  One minute I was getting my back taken out then the next minute it was complete darkness.  We had Anonymous casted on the T.V. and as soon as that sexy bitch turned off the camera it was like she turned off the lights in the room, too.” Lisa shook her head, “I’m convinced the bitch has superpowers.  Caused half of America to come so hard the electricity got jacked up”

Everyone chuckled, Cassie clinched her legs together.

Or the storm took the power out?” came Ashlee sardonically

Lisa narrowed her eyes at Ashlee.  “You sorely lack in the imagination department, you know that? Or is it that you missed out on hugs as a child?” She stretched her arms out, “Come, child, come to mama”

Ashlee pursed her lips to the side and hauled a throw pillow at Lisa which she caught.

The housemates laughed and cheered Lisa on for catching the pillow.

“So, what are we supposed to do now? Do we have to call someone?” Monica asked.

Everyone looked around and shrugged their shoulders.

“So, we just sit in the dark. Great” Monica laid back in her seat then popped back up. “Or we can make this fun!”

“And how exactly do you make a blackout fun?” Ashlee was wondering.

Cassie felt Jason’s eyes on her. She was sitting next to him and looked to her right at him.  He looked below her chin then back at her face.  She looked down at her chest and saw that her robe had fallen slightly open.  Her left boob was partially exposed.  Unknowingly to her, the rest of the group was now staring at her.

“I sleep naked. Gosh, don’t act like you never saw boobs before”

Cassie made a half-assed attempt to close her robe and hoped like hell that they didn’t recognize her boobs from the video they’d all just got off on minutes ago.  But on the other hand, having them all gawk at her was making her pussy throb.

“Wow, your boobs are fuckin perfect bro” Lisa said across the table, mouth agape, the others nodded in agreement “can I touch them?”

The room fell silent. A flash of lightning lit up the room.

Jason licked his lips and shifted in his seat. Daryl stared at his girlfriend, approval read on his facial expression.  Ashlee, sitting to the left of Cassie, shamelessly turned her body to Cassie and said, “if she gets to touch, I call second dibs”

“Me, three!” piped in Monica next to Lisa, “I mean, it’s crazy, nobody ever sees you around here and this whole time you’ve been hiding those perfect boobs! I’m requesting to get my feel, too!”

Cassie, consumed with giddy giggled, her boobs bounced and the group watched, expecting them to fall out of her robe again. “You guys can do so much more than that!”

Everybody’s eyes turned into saucers and Cassie realized she hadn’t said that tidbit in her head, she’d actually said it out loud and now everyone was looking at her like she was a piece of meat. Again, this was something that kicked her horniness into high gear.  She decided to relax.

Fuck it.

She untied her robe and let the fabric fall off her shoulders.

“Wow, when I said we should do something fun, this wasn’t what I had in mind but I like this better!” exclaimed Monica.

“Come here” Cassie beckoned Lisa with a hooked finger.

Lisa obliged stepping over the coffee table and taking a seat on it so she was between Cassie’s legs.  She looked back at Daryl who looked like he was struggling to contain himself.  When he gave her a little nod, Lisa turned back to Cassie and reached out to fondle her breast.

She gasped, “oh my god, they’re real!”

Cassie giggled, “Well, of course, they are, here, grab the other one”

Lisa grabbed and fondled the other breast, Ashlee reached in too.  She looked like a girl in the candy store.  She rubbed her index finger in circles around Cassie’s nipple causing Cassie to intake a sharp breath.

Cassie glanced over at Jason who had this curious look on his face.  In her mind, she figured he looked like he wanted in on the action, too.

Cassie laid back and inched her legs apart, the two women continued to feel and rub on her breast.

“This shit is turning me on” Cassie stated, her voice low.

She looked at bright-eyed Monica and told her to come over. As she made her way over she stumbled over Jason’s feet, he caught her and placed her in between himself and Cassie.

“It’s my turn now, ladies!” Monica shrilled.

Cassie turned to face Monica just as the other women removed their hands and for a moment Cassie missed their touch but Monica filled the void.  She was at awe with how perfectly Cassie’s boobs filled and spilled over her hands, she ran her thumbs over Cassie’s hardened nipples, Cassie gasped again.

Ashlee reached over and made circles in Cassie’s inner thigh causing Cassie’s breath to catch.  Lisa’s eyes became hooded with lust and she got on her knees and looked up at Cassie, questioning her, asking with her eyes if she could take things a step further.

Cassie adjusted herself in her seat so that all three women had equal access to her body.  She opened her legs and Lisa sat there and stared at Cassie’s throbbing pussy. Lisa licked her lips.  The stimulation from Monica rubbing her nipples, Ashlee making circles in her inner thigh, Lisa intensely staring at her pussy and the guys sitting back watching, was causing Cassie to bubble over with excitement.  She inched down in her seat, practically pushing her pussy in Lisa’s face.

Lisa reached and touched Cassie’s budded clitoris, made circles with her thumb and watched as Cassie gyrated her hips to follow the motion of her thumb.

“Yes,” Cassie whispered as she let her head drop back.  She reached to her left and slipped her hand under Ashlee’s shirt finding her breast and hardened nipples, “let me taste”

Ashlee removed her shirt and unhooked her bra, the other women stared at her with equal amazement.

“So everybody here has nice boobs except me?” Lisa inquired.

The ladies all chuckled breathlessly.

“Let’s find out, take your shirt off” Cassie commanded, “you too, Moni”

Both ladies obliged.  Cassie craved to bury her face in their beautiful breast, she craved to eat their pussies and have her pussy ate, she craved penetration, craved clitoral stimulation, Cassie was hungry, she wanted it all.

The ladies all touched and admired each other’s breasts, gasping and moaning as they did.

Cassie beckoned Ashlee to come closer.  When the woman did as she was asked, Cassie hooked her hand around the other woman’s neck, kissed her neck then trailed her tongue down until they were circling her nipples.  Ashlee gasped.  Cassie lifted her head and bought her in for a kiss.  Soon as the women’s lips touched, desperation replaced Cassie’s hunger.  Lisa’s mouth replaced her thumb on Cassie’s clit, drawing a whimper from Cassie’s throat. Monica simultaneously replaced her thumb on Cassie’s nipple with her mouth.

This was a paradise for Cassie.  The women moaned, kissed, sucked, touched and the other three removed the rest of their clothes and began pleasing themselves while they were pleasing Cassie.

There was a sound of furniture moving, Cassie, without breaking her passionate kiss with Ashlee, glanced over to see Daryl and Jason moving the coffee table thereby putting the light illuminating from the phone further away from them so that they were now essentially in the shadows.

She smiled against Ashlee’s lips and promptly reached down and inserted her fingers in Ashlee’s opening. She pumped, Ashlee moaned, she pumped again, Ashlee moaned again, she intensified her pumps pulled more intense moans from Ashlee with each pump until Ashlee broke their kiss and grabbed Cassie’s wrist, stilling them as she rode the other woman’s fingers.

Lisa moaned against Cassie’s pussy.  Daryl was taking Lisa from the back, never taking his eyes off of Cassie. She couldn’t believe how intoxicating this feeling was, couldn’t imagine how she’d lived this long without experiencing it.

Cassie felt Monica shift.  Monica moaned and bit down on Cassie’s nipple.  Jason was pounding into her, their flesh clapping together rhythmically.  The pleasuring pain from the bite coupled with Lisa’s tongue doing tricks to her pussy was making Cassie feel crazy with lust.

Ashlee was nibbling on her neck and that was enough to send her into overdrive.

But still, Cassie wanted more.

She inched down in her seat a little more and told Ashlee to ride her face.  The woman smiled an intoxicated smile before standing up on the couch.  Jason now had Monica in an embrace from behind as he continued to pound into her so Ashlee was free to straddling Cassie’s face.

Bent over, bracing herself on the back of the couch, she rode Cassie’s face as Cassie smeared her mouth across every inch and crevice of the other woman’s most intimate part.

Jason finally released Monica so she was in doggy-style position again as he got the last of his pumps out.

Monica stood behind Ashlee, pulled her ass cheeks apart and dug her tongue into her ass hole, circled the hole then plunged her tongue back into the woman’s ass, sending Ashlee into a shrilling frenzy.

Lisa had repositioned herself and was now sucking Daryl’s dick quite sloppily, meanwhile, Jason stood on the couch, one leg hoisted up on the back of the couch while Ashlee sucked his dick.

Cassie craved for some penetration as she watched Ashlee suck and lick Jason’s nicely sized dick.  She swallowed Ashlee’s juices, lapped it all up then signaled for the woman to go sit on the couch.

“I need some dick” Cassie announced to Jason her voice hoarse, the right corner of his mouth lifted.

The group rearranged so that they were in the shape of a U around the couch.

Jason pounding into Cassie, Cassie eating and fingering Monica, Monica laying on her back as Ashlee rode her face, Lisa on her back sucking, licking and fondling Ashlee’s breast as Daryl pounded into Lisa.

The group moaned, groaned, grunted and reached new highs.

Jason was the first to cum, Daryl was second.  Ashlee came undone on Monica’s face, Lisa creamed on Daryl’s dick. Monica shook violently as she came against Cassie’s mouth. Cassie’s orgasm was explosive, she collapsed on Monica’s stomach.

Monica stroked Cassie’s hair, Jason laid on Cassie’s bare ass. Ashlee positioned herself in a sitting position and collapsed into the sofa with Lisa’s head mere inches away.  Daryl cuddled up next to his woman and after everyone steadied their breathing they all began to drift off to soundless sleep.

Before Jason closed his eyes, he smiled to himself.  It hit him that Cassie was Anonymous the moment she removed her robe but he was going to keep that to himself.  He snuggled deeper into her ass and promptly fell asleep.

For sure, none of them would be able to forget about the night the power went out.

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