Five Points on Facebook Watch

So, the other day I was scrolling through Facebook like many of us already do any other day of the week, right? As I was scrolling I came across this live broadcasting from Kerry Washington’s page where she was apparently interviewing a cast for some show.  I never watch anyone’s live broadcasts because…no captions…duh.  But I was so drawn to this broadcast not only because I love Ms. Kerry but also because I saw a familiar face.  There sitting on the couch surrounded by five dudes sitting across from Ms. Washington was Madison Pettis! You might recognize her from when she was a child–and she’s all grown up, now!.  She played in a movie with The Rock called The Game Plan.  I absolutely loved that movie, did you?

Anyway, Through the comments that were flying by under the broadcast, it seemed everyone was obsessed with this show–a show that I had never heard of (it made me wonder which rock I’ve been living under this summer!).  As it turns out this show called Five Points premiered on Facebook Watch on June 4th, 2018, which means I am over a month late! But the point is, I am here now to tell you that this show is soooooooo good!

For the first season, there are ten episodes that you can now binge on Facebook Watch.  All you have to do is go to the search thingy and type in “Five Points” it will come up.  Each episode ranges from 8-12 minutes long, so not only are the episodes short and packed with excitement and drama, but the style in which it was filmed is so fascinating!

I won’t give any spoilers and I won’t tell you too much about the show because it is literally packed with a little bit of everything but I will tell you that it is worth your time.  I watched the whole season twice and I am about to watch it for the third time with absolutely no shame in my game!

Aside from writing short stories and doing product reviews, I also love doing movie/show reviews–without any spoilers of course–so I think I will use this website to also include my thoughts and feelings towards the movies and shows I watch!

I think the next one I do will be for season six of Orange is The New Black!

If you haven’t seen the show Five Points yet, please do and tell me what you think.  For those of you who already watched the show, please comment what you think about it! I soooo cannot wait for season two!

Oh, yeah, and I am not getting paid for any of this, by the way, I am not affiliated with this show by any means and all opinions are strictly mine (and will be yours too, trust me!).

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