What are you reading?

For the year 2018 my only resolution was for me to grow, education-wise, spiritually, Financially, knowledge-wise, heck, I’m even waiting for my hair to grow! I just want to grow! I’d already enrolled to go back to school so that was one thing checked off my list. I have been working steadily on a piece of writing that I hope to one day publish so that’s another thing to check off. I would love to travel so I could grow in the other ways I listed but realistically I can only afford to travel from my room to the kitchen–for free!

So, I thought, hmm, what’s another way can I travel without having to fork over hundreds of dollars? I side-glanced at my little bookshelf that is overflowing with books (because I keep getting free books from the free bin at 2nd and Charles and keep buying .25 cent-.50 cent books from my local library! Good books, too! I just purchased The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, today for .25 cents! I kidja not!)

I almost challenged myself to read all of the books on my bookshelf but that was extremely unrealistic as there have to be over two hundred books on that joint! So I decided to challenge myself to read one book a month.  So far I have been successful in keeping up with my challenge–In fact, I am one month ahead!

Below I’ve listed all of the books I have read thus far and I will keep adding to this list:

UPDATE: As of July 18, 2018, I am now two months ahead of my reading goal!

UPDATE: As of July 25th I am now three months ahead of my reading goal!

January: Murder List by Julia Garwood

February: Express Male by Elizabeth Bevarly

March: Words of Seduction by Dara Girard

April: Second Chance by Danielle Steel

May: You’ve Been Warned by James Patterson

June: Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich

July: The Heart of a Killer by Jaci Burton

August: Now you see her by James Patterson

September: Undeniable by Francis Ray

October: Most Wanted by Michele Martinez

November: Afterburn by Zane

December: Who Asked You by Terry McMillan

So because I finished my one book per month as of August 2018 I am now reading my bonus books!

Bonus: Split Second by Catherine Coulter

Bonus 2: Sweet Persuasion by Maya Banks

All of these books were amazing! And each of them helped me with my own writing! I am so glad I started this challenge!

I know reading is everyone’s “thing” but I encourage you to pick up a book and read it! If you really cannot sit through reading a book, I encourage you to challenge yourself to do something and keep at it for the whole entire year.  Even if you start your challenge now, your “year” ends next year this month, this day, so come on! Let’s grow!

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