I pride myself in being one of those people who doesn’t affiliate themselves with any religion.  Unlike many people who stand on the same side of the fence as me, I simply choose not to affiliate myself with a religion simply because I feel like it allows me to better observe other peoples’ beliefs and religions objectively.

From my observation, a lot (not all) religious folks treat religion like it’s a gang or something.  They all have one common goal–to serve their God, but because each religion reaches that goal differently, folks be side-eying each other and turning their noses up.

And oh, the looks you get when you tell them “I am not religious”; Some may outright look at you like you are standing there smearing poop all over your face while others may suppress their irritation and squeak out “God still loves you anyway”

It’s crazy to me.

But because I don’t practice any religion, I get to observe and keep it pushing.

Every once in a while I get a visit from this woman who is a Jehovah’s Witness.  Like I said previously I welcome all religions and I really love to learn about the different things that make people move; the different things that they believe, so I welcome this woman into my home every so often, she has my phone number and she knows my family.  Let me just throw it out there that my grandparents from my father’s side are Jehovah’s Witnesses as well as several of my interpreters from High School, some friends and a few people I have met during my residence here in Charlotte, NC, so I am already  somewhat familiar with how their belief system works.

During her last visit, however, I learned something new.  Something I never knew before.

I expressed to her that I was pained by the fact that the mother of a friend of mine just found out she has breast cancer.  I told her that it wasn’t fair because the woman in question is one of the sweetest people I know; she does everything right and she is also a Jehovah’s Witness.  And don’t get me wrong, I understand that bad things happen to good people sometimes but this situation has deeply upset me to the point where it feels like my own mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I hate that this is happening.

So anyway, my visitor quoted a scripture (I wish I could remember which one exactly, but maybe you know it if so comment below) but in short, she basically said the reason why bad things keep happening in the world is because Adam sinned and we are all basically paying for his sins?

But then that’s where I became puzzled.

First of all, I didn’t know there was a religion out there that believes the whole forbidden fruit incent was Adam’s fault! My visitor explained that though Eve is the one who took the first bite, Adam was faulted because God told him not to eat it and Adam then told Eve not to but clearly Eve wasn’t trying to hear all of that, took a bite and Adam followed suit.  According to my visitor, Adam was the one punished because not only did he not prevent Eve from doing her, but he also disobeyed God by following Eve’s lead instead of being a leader.

By the way, I think it’s mean to forbid someone from having a healthy snack. Yet we get our ears talked off when we opt to have a donut instead of ice chips, we just can’t win, but anyway…

The second thing that puzzled me was the lack of forgiveness.  Most religions from my observation talk a lot about forgiving people for their sins because we are all humans and we are not perfect.  So my question is, why wasn’t Adam forgiven for being a follower instead of a leader?

He was expected to be perfect and he wasn’t given any wiggle room to mess up or to be forgiven despite the fact that God forbade him. It sounds like he was set up for the fail! To say Adam was punished is one thing, but to say we are all eternally screwed because of that one fuck up, is just….mean! But then I thought…Jesus died for our sins? So now, I am really confused.  Were Adam’s sins not included?

Let’s talk about this! Drop your feelings and comments below. Comment anything, What are your beliefs? Educate me! I want to learn because I am really confused out here!


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