What I think about OLE HENRIKSEN C-RUSH brightening creme

Okay so, as of late, I’ve been trying to become a real-life woman after years of being a tomboy (Oh, it’s so hard, y’all). I became a product tester for Influenster a little over a year ago and they’re so dope, I swear.

They sent me this creme and asked me to blog about my experience with it. And well, I like to talk (though I prefer to talk shit) so I figured, sure, why not?!

First of all, I recieved this creme by surprise, I wasn’t expecting this joint to pull up in my mailbox but since it did I was all “awwww Influenster, why do y’all stay so dope??!” So boom, I opened my package and felt a little bougie (did I spell that correctly?) Because this creme is packaged in a cute glass jar–or at least my out-of-touch-with-all-things-woman ass thinks it’s glass…it could be plastic…hard, cold plastic… that looks and feels like glass.

But anyway, I felt bougie because the only glass items I own are my wine glasses (those make me feel bougie, too). So I thought, damn Influenster is really out here trying to get a sista to grow up and start living her best life. Shit just got O.D. real, y’all.

I opened the joint and it actually smelled quite nice. It has a light orange fragrance to it, any idiot would think it was edible and try to taste it.

Thank GOD, I’m not an idiot!

For one week I followed the instructions and applied the creme to my face twice daily and you know what? My face started to itch. What the hell?

I had to dial it back a bit. I went from applying twice a day to once a day and my face still itched. But hold on, y’all, the same week that I started using this product, I also started washing my face with raw black soap to get my skin poppin like my sisters in Wakanda (Wakanda forever!) So I thought, hm, maybe the two products just don’t go together.

Well, I had to stop using one product for the time being and of course I chose to stop using OLE HENRIKSEN– what? You thought I was going to turn my back on Wakanda? Pfbt! But as luck would turn out, my husband was trying to get his skin poppin, too and that fool thought he was being slick and didn’t think I would notice that my soap was losing too much weight too quickly.

Child, I called him out.

So, I went two weeks without using either product until earlier this week, I started using OLE HENRIKSEN once a day. And so far, no itchy scratchy on the mug, y’all!

If y’all trying to purchase this stuff, they sell it at Sephora for 44 bucks. Shit, I’m glad I got it for free. Thank you Influenster!

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