Have you ever had an idea smack you in the face?

Well have you? And they come out of nowhere, too! They jump out of the bushes and smack you right in the face, or they’ll fall from the sky and land on your head like this hot goop of bird poop and no matter how many times you wipe it away –because you know, some ideas are way too off the wall that you fear that if you tell a soul, people will petition to have you thrown in a psych ward–it just wouldn’t budge.

Well, yesterday when I was on my way to pick up my daughter from the bus stop I had this BRILLIANT idea! It’s totally unrelated to picking up a child from a bus stop so I have no idea where the thought came from.  In fact I was thinking about what I was going to make for Sunday dinner when this little voice in my head caught my attention.

Now, ya’ll have to promise me you wouldn’t sneak up on me in the streets and ask me to put on a strait jacket–because this idea is absolutely crazy.

You see, my cause has and always will be education.  I am all for everything that is education, I appreciate everything that education can provide for us, I love everything about the feeling of being educated.  I love that my five year-old takes her education seriously, I love that my one year-old loves learning new things.  I love that my husband joined me on the “Back to school” train and he’s going for his degree in film production while I am back in school going for my Bachelors degree in Marketing and Advertisement communication.  I absolutely appreciate those who don’t take their education seriously and are content with being stupid because they make me feel super smart!

So, boom.

There I was walking and thinking about dinner when that little voice in my mind took my focus off of Sunday dinner and said “Imagine if High School actually taught kids about life after High School; the real world?”

So I told the voice, “Then these new-aged teenagers wouldn’t be as…loopy as many of them are today…they’ll be more focused and mature and organized…the world would actually have a chance of seeing better days!”

So then the voice said, “what would you suggests schools do to help prepare students for the real world?”

And I’m like “well, voice, they teach the three R’s: Reading, (w)Riting and (a)Rithmatic so that kids would know how to read their pink slips when they get fired from their first job, spell their names and figure out if they should give a cashier 20 dollars of 20 cents to cover a 5 dollar purchase. And they also provide gym classes so that children can stay fit so that in the future they could run from their problems as fast as they can.”

The voice rolled her eyes at me and said “bitch, you ain’t funny, think.  What could be done to help the children of the future be the best humans they could be?”

Okay wait, let me break off real quick and let you know that, yes I do talk to myself sometimes but you promised you wouldn’t have me committed so… back on topic.

So I’m like “High School students should be given responsibilities.  Sure, they have homework and tests to study for but what if they had real-world-like responsibilities? Sure, some teenagers have little jobs but…it’s not good enough” And then the idea smacked me right in the face.

I was thinking it would be a fantastic idea if there was a class in school that gets High School students–preferably the Seniors–ready for the real world. I thought, what if in this class (it should probably be an added curriculum for an economics class, perhaps?) all of the students are given a “debit/credit card” (a fake one of course.  Or it doesn’t even have to be a card, it could be a spreadsheet or something where they can keep track of finances) and they all started off with “broke” with no money in their “account”  Each homework or classwork assignment–depending on their grade–would be “money” to add to their “account”.

So, let’s say a student gets a ‘B’ on a homework assignment and the number grade for a ‘B’ is an 80.  Boom, so now that student has 80 dollars in their “account”. This would teach students that in order to get what you want (money) you have to work for it (do your homework) in order to be rewarded.

What if in this class, students are also “paid” to show up to class on time?  Let’s say if you show up on time you get five dollars, but if you show up late you lose 5 dollars.  This would teach students to focus more on their time management skills.

You constantly show up on time for class, do your best on your classwork and homework get high grades and watch your “money” stack up. Then between the first and fifth day of the month “rent is due” which means you’ll have to “pay” your teacher a fixed amount every single month in order to “stay in the green” a.k.a. keep a good grade.  Let’s say “rent” is 200 dollars a month (don’t we wish) you would have to “pay” your teacher this amount every month and if your “payment” is late you’ll have to pay late fees–just like in the real world. This will teach students about the importance of money management as well as teach them how to pay bills and pay them on time.

You want to go the bathroom in the middle of class? That’ll cost you 10 dollars, can you afford to miss 10 minutes of today’s lesson to go to the bathroom? This will teach students to not only use the restrooms before class to ensure that they get all of the necessary information, but it will cut down on their habit of “going to the bathroom to go meet up with their friends just to roam the hallways freely simply because they want to have fun rather than take their education seriously.”  In the real world when we do whatever we want to do all of the time, it only hurts us in the long run, why not teach students this lesson before they go out into the real world and mess up?

You want to misbehave and act like you have no home training and you end up in detention? Well, that’ll cost you.  I’m thinking the “price to pay” for detention should be double the amount of “rent,” in this case that will be 400 dollars.

Are you in debt? You could do some extra credit work or “credit recovery” work, that will be any extra assignments, help the teacher out after school or if you really effed up, you could do community service and of course if you want to do community service you would have to provide some type of proof like a stamped time sheet. This “credit recovery” can also be utilized by the students who are in the green and they just want to “get extra money”

In the end, the ultimate reward would be to graduate High School with real world knowledge or maybe if the teacher/ class can raise enough money, they’ll be able to reward the students “in the green” with an agreed upon trip or treat of their choice.  However, for those who fall deeper in “debt” they would unfortunately fail the class and have to take it all over again which would mean…they wouldn’t be able to graduate. Just like in the real world when you fall deep in debt, you pretty much have to start all over again from the beginning and work your way up.

Of course this idea is still very new as I just thought of it yesterday and I am sure I will add to it later on, but what do you think about this added curriculum? I’m thinking it would be a good side-lesson for an economics class, what do you think?



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