Finding my way to you

They say that your past does not have to define your future and for the longest Tracy didn’t believe that.  She’d been homeless since she was a teenager, often turning to prostitution to survive. She didn’t always feel good about herself and she sometimes found herself wishing that she wouldn’t have to live that life anymore–or life period. She’d decided that she needed a change but didn’t know where to start, that was, until she saw an advertisement on a passing bus.  She knew just the right place to start and for the first time she felt like life was starting to look up.


Jordan had always tried to do the right thing but somehow his efforts always went unnoticed and instead of being rewarded, he was always punished. The way he made his money wasn’t all that great but the world refused to look beyond his current occupation and see past his skin tone; he was always just another stupid black man in America. Tsk, what was life? Granted, it wasn’t the best thing in the world to be a drug dealer and he just happened to be good at it and never got caught, but it was all about the principal for him.  His father was disabled without any medical insurance, his mother passed away from heart failure the month following his High School graduation and he had to take care of his four little siblings who relied on him for a meal on the table every night and clothes on their backs.  He was basically the man of the house now and needed do what he did in order to keep his family afloat.  But what would happen when it was no longer enough?

He liked to take a walk on the nearby beach to clear his head.  There was something about the crashing of the waves that soothed him.  He hopped on the bus and once he got to the beach an advertisement on that bus caught his attention as it prepared to drive off.  It read “Have you ever felt like you needed a change? Ever felt like you wanted more from life? It’s never too late to get a start.  Enrollment for the Fall semester at Future University starts today!”

He pulled his phone out and Googled Future University and found the address.  Tomorrow, bright and early he was going to make a trip there to see what it was all about.


Tracy woke up the next morning feeling refreshed.  Today was going to be the first day of the rest of her life and she was actually looking forward to it.  She put on the best outfit she could find that didn’t look too inappropriate–to her at least.  She was on her way to being a college girl, with her GED under her belt,  there was absolutely nothing stopping her from getting a college degree.

She got out of her taxi and took in her surroundings.  The university was absolutely breath-taking, though she didn’t like the side-eyed looks she was getting from the students who walked by her.  She asked for directions on how to get to the office of registration and after getting eyes rolled at her and having people ignore her, she finally found her way.

Soon as she walked into the office, she felt something in the air, maybe it was a fresh breath of air, maybe it was a new lease on life but she definitely felt it.


When Jordan saw her walk through the doors of the registration office, he felt as if his heart was trying to escape his chest.  The woman with the too-tight red tank top and too tight black jeans looked as if she’d had a rough life and was working with the cards she had been dealt, but nothing turned him on more than a woman who was looking for a way to better herself, just like him.  He knew he had to make the first move if he ever wanted to get to know her because from the looks of it she didn’t even notice him.  He made his way over to her, tapped her on the shoulder and said with a smile, “Hello, my name is Jordan, future pharmacist–legal one at least”


Tracy looked up into the strangers eyes and couldn’t help bursting out laughing.  He looked like a dope boy but there was something different about him.  She offered her hand and replied “Tracy, future nurse”

six years later when both graduated with their Masters degrees in their respectable areas of interest, on the way to obtaining their PhD’s they’d been happily married for two years and they didn’t plan on giving up any time soon.  They loved each other even through all of their flaws and past mistakes; they supported each other through all of the blood, sweat and tears that the pressure of College brought on.  She wasn’t going to let her past define her future and he was finally going to be rewarded for doing the right thing instead of being punished, life was finally looking up for both of them.

“You know,” Jordan said one night over dinner, “I think it’s amazing how big of a maze life is. We have both turned corners and hit wall after wall but somehow we found our way through and found each other and now nothing is going to be able to stop us from breaking down any wall that might pop up. We’re invincible, babe”

Tracy reached over and placed her hand on his.  Bringing his hand to her lips she kissed it smiled at her husband, she knew he was right. “I love you, Jordan”


via Daily Prompt: Maze


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