The Moment They’ve Been Waiting For.

The parents-to-be, Lena and Parker were coming up on their 20th hour in labor. Just a few weeks ago they’d thrown a gender reveal party and found out they were going to be welcoming a princess to the world. They were anxious to meet their new baby girl, they were curious to see who she looked more like, who she would come to be more like and what she’d become in the future.

Through the sweat and pressure from the contractions Lena grew more impatient as the minutes ticked by.  Parker on the other hand hated seeing his wife in so much pain and wished he could take it all away from her.

That was, until she let out a long pained moan.  He didn’t think he could deal with the pain but he was going to be supportive of his wife and make her feel as comfortable as he possibly could.  leaning over he said in her ear “We’re doing good, honey.  We’re almost there.  The doctor said–”

“We?” she cut him off “are you getting ready to push a child out of your body?!”

“uh…no…” he was scared now…

“Are you the one who–” a contraction ripped through body cutting her off mid-sentence, she let out another painful moan “I can’t take this anymore!”

“Honey, I think you should have gotten that numbing thing the midwife told you about”

His wife glared at him.  If looks could kill he would have died twice–or maybe three times.

The doctor came into the room to check and see if Lena was ready to push, he determined she was and then…

Finally their princess had entered the world, on May 11th 2017…

except their princess had a penis…

Parker was thrilled that he would have a little boy to follow him around the house, a son he could play sports with on the weekends, a son who would carry his name and continue the Riley family legacy!

Lena on the other hand was beyond shocked.  “I could have sworn when your sister revealed the gender to us she said it was a girl…”

Shrugging his shoulders, proud smile played across his lips, he said, “I guess she made a mistake, honey”

“But his room is PINK! What are we supposed to do with all of that PINK stuff?”


via Daily Prompt: Pink


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