Whoopsie Daisy


It was that moment when Maci vowed to never touch her sisters clothing ever again.  She’d been warned time and time again not to “borrow” anything from her sister’s closet.  But when Maci saw that Leslie had made a new must-have-gotta-wear-it top (because you know, Leslie has skills like that) Maci just couldn’t contain herself.  Soon as Leslie left the house for classes at the university, Maci grabbed the shirt and off to school she went.

She flaunted her new shirt that gave a little peek of her naval and loved the attention she received from the guys…especially Bryson Lewis–THE hottest guy in Samsung High–and possibly the entire world.  That was until Kelly Bronson–the schools most annoying girl, announced that there was a little piece of thread sticking out of the bottom of the shirt.

She grabbed at it.

And with little effort the shirt came completely undone.

And there Maci stood in the middle of the hallway lacy red bra exposed for everyone to see–everyone including the hot Bryson Lewis.

As she awkwardly covered herself, just before running for cover she glared at Kelly and wondered if she could plead temporary insanity if she could just get her hands on her.

She ran like a mad lady out the school doors and to her car and to her astonishment she found Leslie leaned up against her car door with a knowing smirk and her phone to her ear. “Thanks, Kelly. I owe you” she said into the phone and to her little sister she said, “I told you not to touch my stuff but you wouldn’t listen.  The stitches in that shirt were only temporary stitches…It’s part of a costume for the play I’m in, ya know, for an easy rip-away?. Whoopsie Daisy, did I forget to tell you that?”

via Daily Prompt: Temporary


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