For Nathan

His hand slipped up her teddy.  His eyes grew dark and his breathing deepened as he realized with great pleasure that it was just as wet inside as it was outside.

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When The Power went out

Outside the storm had reached its breaking point.  People on this side of town have long been advised to leave their homes but the twenty-somethings that lived in this dilapidated seven bedroom house, surrounded by nature, decided that staying home would be in the best of their interest.  They figured the house had weathered many... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: I Can Hear You

I can hear you. It's in the way you form your words.  Everything and nothing that I do makes your body scream what your mouth works so hard to keep hidden. But I can hear you. It's in the way you sleep, the rise and fall of your chest and those aggressive grunts that sneak... Continue Reading →

What are you reading?

For the year 2018 my only resolution was for me to grow, education-wise, spiritually, Financially, knowledge-wise, heck, I'm even waiting for my hair to grow! I just want to grow! I'd already enrolled to go back to school so that was one thing checked off my list. I have been working steadily on a piece... Continue Reading →


I pride myself in being one of those people who doesn't affiliate themselves with any religion.  Unlike many people who stand on the same side of the fence as me, I simply choose not to affiliate myself with a religion simply because I feel like it allows me to better observe other peoples' beliefs and... Continue Reading →

Move, B*tch!

On this beautiful day, Kia woke up determined to put an end to life as she'd known it.  She was a Senior in High School and she still found it hard to make eye contact with the opposite sex. Whenever a dude would ask her for something as simple as a pencil or even look... Continue Reading →

Maybelline Matte Metallic

I am an influenser for Influenster and what happens is, we receive products for FREE to test and keep in what they call a VoxBox.  A VoxBox is just their fancy way of describing a box of goodies!  I would then have to create a series of different promotional videos and blogs to describe my experience... Continue Reading →

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